Legislative Updates

CHIP Funding

Renee Golden

Many legislative changes have been proposed over this past year including the ACA stabilization and changes that affect the Title 7 and Title 8 health care education and repayment funding. At this time, no changes have been agreed upon. As Congress continues to attempt change for the ACA they now must also turn attention to CHIP funding.

As of Sept 30th, 2017, CHIP funding expired. Senate and the House have proposed bills on the table to reauthorize CHIP funding. Without rapid reauthorization several states while run out of funds by the end of this year and many more by the end of February. Without reauthorization approximately 9 million children and pregnant women would lose their healthcare coverage.  All practitioners are urged to contact their representatives to voice their concerns for the loss of CHIP and the detrimental effects this has on child health. Contact is ease through NAPNAP.org or email or call your elected officials. On NAPNAP.org you can look up your elected officials and send the messages in the Advocacy Center under actions.

Anyone looking to apply for the Advocacy Scholarship applications are now open online. The deadline is October 22nd, 2017. These recipients will attend the annual national policy conference in Washington, D.C. during February 4-6th.