APRN Consensus Model

The Arizona Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Coalition (APRN) for the Consensus Model can be broken down into 28 points, and Arizona has implemented 14/28 points of the Consensus Model. For example, the Consensus Model states that NPs should be licensed in the state where they practice. As you know, we are not licensed as NPs in Arizona, we receive an endorsement based on our RN license and completion of additional training. This is only one example, albeit a small one, but there are other components where there are glaring deficits, such as the required oversight for CRNAs in the state. Most of the proposed legislative changes will have little, if any, effect on nurse practitioners in the state, but there will be dramatic progress for other APRN disciplines (CMN, CNS & CRNA) as a result of the legislation. This upcoming legislation is supported by the Arizona Nurses Association and the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council. In fact, the individual that is in charge of the AZ APRN Coalition group is the president of the Arizona State Board of Nursing, and the legislation is widely supported by advanced practice nursing organizations throughout the state. 

Arizona Action Coalition/APRN Consensus

Institute of Medicine Report on the Future of Nursing

The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health


***Please consider submitting your letter of support (and encourage other NP's and physicians you work with to also submit letters of support) to Arizona Nurses Association (info@aznurse.org or mail them to 1850 E. Southern Ave, Suite 1 Tempe, AZ 85282. A sample letter is included here!***