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About Our Chapter

Advocating for the Health of Children And A Leader for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

OUR VISION - The Maryland Chesapeake Chapter of NAPNAP envisions pediatric nurse practitioners as leaders in providing health care for children and their families. 

OUR MISSION - The Maryland Chesapeake Chapter of NAPNAP is a professional organization dedicated to delivering quality care to children and families in the community. The Maryland Chesapeake Chapter of NAPNAP is committed to the advancement of the pediatric nurse practitioner role through professional development, lobbying and networking.

OUR CORE BELIEFS - We believe that the Maryland Chesapeake Chapter of NAPNAP:
·   provides leadership in advocating for child health issues and provision of that care
·   provides opportunities for pediatric nurse practitioners to enhance professional development
·   acts upon local and national issues related to child health and pediatric nurse practitioners


General:   To be a leading organization responsive to the health care needs of children and to the professional needs of the membership.

Clinical:   To assist pediatric nurse practitioners in advancing their knowledge and skills within the rapidly changing health care environment.

Educational:   To provide diverse educational opportunities that meet the learning needs of pediatric nurse practitioners

Advocating:   To promote optimal health for all children and to advance the pediatric nurse practitioner role in providing health care to children.

There are four major areas that our chapter is actively working in to achieve our mission of providing optimal health care for children and their families.

Focus on Clinical Practice:   We offer clinical updates at two times during the year for all members, students and other interested professionals. Please send any topic that you would like to have presented at one of the CEU clinical updates to Peggy Dorr.

Focus on Legislation:  We keep current on federal, state and local legislation for its implications for PNP nursing practice and child health care. For updates on legislative issues for PNPS in Maryland contact Lindsay Ward.

Focus on Advocacy: Our chapter participates in different types of charitable contributions. At our conferences, attendees are asked to bring donations for community causes.  Examples include donations for Hurricane Katrina relief, canned goods for local food banks, baby supplies for children centers.  If you have a program that you believe deserves our attention, please feel free to contact our program committee chair, Peggy Dorr or Chapter President, Brigit VanGraafeilend. 

Focus on Research:    Our chapter is very fortunate to have the Louis I. Dobkin Research fund. This fund is available for pediatric nurse practitioners to support nursing research to improve clinical practice of nurse in advanced practice roles in the health care of children and families. All members are welcomed to apply for funds on an annual basis. Information is available under the Research tab on the main page.