Kathy Falkenstein Memorial Grant

Kathy Falkenstein Memorial Grant to support research, EBP, doctoral, and quality improvement projects.


To fund clinical research/clinical projects which, Improve child health care, Improve pediatric nurse practitioner practice; and/or, Promote visibility of the pediatric nurse practitioner role.


To stimulate clinical research/innovative clinical projects by chapter members.

Collaborative efforts among chapter members will be encouraged.

The research/project could include any clinical area in which pediatric nurse practitioners practice.


A maximum of $1000 per grant, once per year, will be awarded to a PADelVal National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners chapter member (or group of members).

Deadline for submission:

February 28, 2021

Date of award:

Chapter's Annual Spring Event 2022

Evaluation Procedure:

Research/projects will be ranked by: Potential to impact child health care and PNP practice, Feasibility, Scientific merit/innovative clinical research, Soundness of budget, Results that would lead to professional publication or news media coverage.

Responsibilities of Award Recipients:

Individual/group receiving the grant will present the results to chapter members at the local conference of meeting one year from the receipt of the award.

PADelVAL Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners must be credited for the financial support in all published outcomes or presentations.

For questions related to grant submission or the Clinical Research/Clinical Project submission form contact
Joyce Brill at jb3ecd@gmail.com or delvalnapnap@gmail.com