Summer 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Summer 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

VA NAPNAP Summer 2014 Meeting




Sarah Kirchner welcomed group

In attendance were Sarah Kirchner (President), Heather Agnew (Treasurer), Denise Schindler (Secretary), Mary Thompson (Membership), and Kathy Morris (Legislative)




Group introductions were made by all attendees


-Job description questions

          -review what was e-mailed out prior to meeting


All attendees verbalized understanding of the information provided regarding position roles and   responsibilities


-President’s report/Info from Conference

          -payment for speakers who are chapter members


Instead of a written check as an honoraria to speakers in varying amounts depending on their degree of national visibility we will give all speakers a more modest thank you gift of a gift certificate to Starbucks etc. of the same amount. This change is to keep in sync with what other chapters are doing and to follow the recommendations of the national office.

This was further discussed during the Treasurers report.  It was decided that a honoraria for all speakers, regardless of membership status, would be in the form of a Gift Certificate (i.e. Starbucks) in the amount of $20


-member survey


We have put together our annual survey. Survey Monkey only lets you do 10 questions at a time for free.


Member survey was approved without changes.  The survey is 22 questions divided into three sections and will be posted on Survey Monkey


          -PNP source for sharing presentations (need a post-test)


It was discussed if we are interested in posting CEU’s here.  Decided that this would be revisited in future meetings


          -General Liability Insurance


President reports that she is in the process of determining if we need this for chapter events.  Ongoing discussions with National Group are occurring. To be discussed further at future meetings


-Treasurer’s report


                   Heather presented a proposed budget with the idea of trying to break even with a few extra                                     expenses to help to slowly use up some of the reserves we have. The budget was discussed and                          approved.




Heather present proposed budget for 2015.  She will generate a spreadsheet with account balances and proposed expenses.


Anticipated costs for 2015 are as follows:


  1. CE Events: Food and Beverage: $1400 per year (350 per event)

  2. Honoraria:  $20/each X 4 speakers=  $80.00

  3. Conference events ($850 spent in 2014 conference, $900 to spend in 2015)=  $900.00

                                Variable costs anticipated

  4. Scholarship for Conference:  will pay regular conference fees for 2 members.

    Winning members will be determined by written submission

    President to determine if we can pay National directly for both winner’s fees

    Winners must register for early registration (opens Oct 1, 2014)

    Scholarship will NOT cover room, food, or travel expenses, or extraneous conference fees

    $485 X2= $970.00

                                        6.  Conference fees for President and President Elect

                                             Early registration fee:             $485 x 2= $ 970.00

                                             Travel expenses:  approxim.  $800 total

                                             Lodging                                    $2600

     ** It was decided that the chapter would NOT cover costs associated with food for the President or President Elect during attendance at the National conference

    **Also discussed variability with Employer benefits covering costs and that all attempts should be made to access these funds in addition to NAPNAP monies

    7.  Donations:  will be entered as Miscellaneous items= est. $200.00


    -Legislative report

                       Kathy discussed several issues that are going on at the state level. We will send out a full legislative update shortly.


    Discussed current circulating petition to the Virginia Department of Health Professions/Board of Nursing to accept paramedic hours towards clinical hours for nursing education.  Comments by members are requested to be sent to 


    Virginia Action Coalition is doing a study. This will not go before the General Assembly this year due to pending results


    -Membership report


    Mary T reported that we have had approximately 10 new members join since May. She submitted a welcome e-mail that was approved. It will be sent out to new members a minimum of once a quarter. Now that national has fixed their glitch in the system we are actually able to tell who our new members are.


                Virginia chapter has 222 members total.  Roughly 44 members have joined this year; 10 since May.

    Welcome email will be sent to the 10 members who have joined since May and then once a quarter and as needed going forward


    Mary O was unable to attend due to family emergency that started about 1 hour before the meeting. All is well and she reports that she has events planned through the March except for the holidays. A full update will be sent out shortly.



    -Calendar of events

    We will offer 4 total in the coming school year, 2 each in NOVA and Richmond-CE credit will be offered at each one and will be open to all chapter members at no cost. Details will be announced later.



                        Sep 4-Drug sponsored dinner on Sklice-lice treatment-RSVPs for this will open soon

Oct-CE chapter event on breastfeeding

Nov-Drug sponsored dinner on hemophilia

Dec-holiday break

Jan (late)-open


March-national conference

April-CE chapter event on head injury and concussion



          -update from NOVA


            Pending information from Mary O.


          -update from Richmond


          Sarah spoke to this and stated the above proposed CE schedule of events/meetings




          Sarah stated that the website has been updated


-Chapter Bylaws


The last time the bylaws were updated was 2011. There are several areas that do not reflect how we currently do business. Proposed updates and changes were reviewed and approved by the board. They will be sent out for review and a vote to the full membership in late summer/early fall.


            Proposed changes to the bylaws were reviewed by the group and changes were approved unanimously


-Other issues to discuss

          -common e-mail requests

          Sarah indicates she frequently gets emails for job positions and CE opportunities.  She will only post

            pertinent information


                   -drug sponsored events


          Sarah states she will only pursue relevant topics


                   -links to other websites/info etc

                                                -job openings


         Will be posted on the Chapter website as appropriate




          It was decided that connecting preceptors and students will not be a function of the chapter. This is primarily due to the fact that most of our members who want to or are allowed to take students already have standing relationships with nursing schools.




After reviewing the bylaws the board was surprised to discover that they call for offering a scholarship to members. We decided to pay the full main NAPNAP national conference registration (no extra days, travel, lodging, food etc.) for two members. Currently we have around $18,000 in the account. So, the board felt that we could easily afford to do this. Exact scholarship amounts and numbers will be determined by the board on a yearly basis.

Applications will go out late Sep/early Oct and the recipients will be chosen at the next board meeting in Nov. We will ask for basic information and a short paragraph on why you would like to be chosen.

            See notes under Treasurer’s report above


-Next meeting (winter??)


          The Chapter members will next meet in November, 2014



Meeting was adjourned by President Sarah Kirchner