Fall 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Fall 2014 Board Meeting Minutes


November 7, 2014


Sarah Kirchner (President), Mary O’Laughlen (President- Elect-via Skype), Kathy Morris (Legislative), Heather Agnew (Treasurer), Denise Schindler (Secretary)

Excused: Mary Thompson


All welcomed by President Sarah Kirchner and meeting called to order

President’s Report:

                Member Survey results:

Less people responded than last year out of 200 members barely made it into double digits therefore unable to achieve meaningful results

                                What was confirmed was that:

                                                Most members live/ work in No.Va

                                                Most work in Primary Care

                                                Most come because meetings are interesting

                                                It is impossible to find a day to meet that works for all members

                                                Most members prefer to meet every couple of months

                                                Primary barriers to meeting are schedules and distance

Most members find the overall mechanisms for communication (frequency of, email) good/satisfactory

Regarding the issue of the annual conference in Fredericksburg, Va. – there is no good answer and there is not enough reason to continue doing it

                PNP source for sharing presentations (need a post-test)

                                There is not enough interest to do CEU’s on-line

                General Liability Insurance

                                Question:  Do we need this if we have a dinner (free)?

Answer:  Ultimately it is up to the chapter although we did not get a clear response on this from national.

Mary O asked if we need Officer Insurance for those who have access to the checkbook. When she was an officer in Sigma Theta Tau her chapter purchased insurance.  Sarah will contact national to see if this is required by NAPNAP or if they offer it.

UPDATE: Sarah heard back from National in a few days. They do not supply or require this type of insurance. We will discuss further at the next board meeting. Mary O has provided Sarah with further details about insurance and the board will discuss further at their next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

                Heather reports participating in webinar hosted by National and verbalized that it was helpful

                Heather reports that there are things we need to do:

                                Two people (President and Treasurer) need to sign all checks over $1000.00

National requires/suggests that two people are on the signature card. Sarah and Heather set a date in December to get Sarah added to the signature card.

Discussed issue on who prepares the budget when the fiscal year (Jan-Dec) and election year do not align?

It is approved by both the incoming and outgoing President and Treasurer.  Budget will be re-done between January and February.  Chapter 9 report is due in February.  Additionally, conference costs (the chapter’s biggest expense) are known by January and can be built into the budget.

The board decided that there may be an advantage to having the budget be created several months into the Treasure’s term so they have a chance to learn their job before developing the budget. Heather will re-do the budget in January. However, we do not anticipate any significant changes from the budget that was recently released.

Discussed Chapter 8 form which authorizes us to file taxes with National and not independently:

Still need to know what the state taxes are.  Mary O states that if the organization makes less than $50,000/year then we do not have to do because no profit is being made.  States that the chapter should just file an EZ 9 form but we are not required.

Legislative Report

Kathy reports she participated in the October 9 call.  Reports that all state president’s need to send comments regarding CHIP to local legislator’s office.  CHIP will end September 2015.  Mary has form letter and will put together what to say.  The General Assembly begins in January 2015 and nobody knows what’s going on.

Membership Report

Mary T was unable to attend but e-mailed Sarah ahead of time. Mary reports that membership is slowly increasing.  The chapter is now at approximately 228 members.

Mary T also participated in the Membership webinar sponsored by National and found it helpful.

Calendar of Events

Update from NoVa:     Mary O reports that the most recent NOVA event was cancelled due to lack of funding and poor communication from the rep. She is working on confirming other plans to avoid other cancellations.

Update from Richmond:  Sarah reports that the October meeting on Breastfeeding was cancelled due to lack of interest (not sure why). There is a drug sponsored dinner in November. Nothing is organized until after the New Year.  Have a Neurologist who will speak about sports injuries in the spring time. 


                Nothing new to report.  No issues with navigating the website have been reported.


Chapter Bylaws

Eight chapter members voted and approved the bylaws.   Original to be signed at this meeting and sent to Mary O.

UPDATE: Sarah forgot to pass the bylaws around to sign. Instead the board members were e-mailed a copy and will mail Sarah back the Signature page and Sarah will mail to national.

Scholarship recipients

                Debbie Shockey and Kristin McHarg were selected

                Checks will be presented to recipients at the Conference during chapter get-together

Next meeting

                TBD after conference.  Expect to meet in April

Meeting adjourned