The PA Three Rivers Chapter was established in Pittsburgh in 1994 to provide education and support to local pediatric-focused practitioners. Over the last three decades, the chapter has grown to more than 120 members over the western Pennsylvania region. We welcome all types of pediatric-focused providers from PNP to FNP, from acute care to primary care, and from generalized medicine to specialty medicine. 

Our chapter conducts in-person and online networking and continuing education events to support your clinical practice needs and professional career goals. We also provide access to NAPNAP’s national resources such as Career Connection, Journal of Pediatric Health Care, clinical practice resources, patient education information and more.

With your support, our chapter plays a critical role in state-level legislative and regulatory matters on important child health and advanced practice nursing issues. We collaborate with other state or local groups on advocacy efforts to raise awareness and strengthen the collective voice of pediatric experts and advanced practice nurses.

If you are a student member, we encourage you to connect with fellow chapter members to help facilitate your search for potential preceptors. If you need a preceptor, please contact your chapter president. Students should also reach out to the chapter regarding opportunities to present research at our annual symposium and for scholarship support to attend the NAPNAP national conference, which occurs every spring. 

For those providers considering retirement in the near future, we encourage you to reach out to our chapter regarding our emeritus group a great way to stay connected with other providers and navigate this great milestone.