Employment & Preceptorships

Job Posting: Clinical Instructor
1. Job type: clinical instructor in pediatrics for BS nursing students. Approximately, the second half of the spring 2018 semester (Mid March to first week
of May).
2. Job location: Winthrop University Hospital pediatric unit/ Farmingdale State College
3. Job title: clinical instructor
4.  Number of positions: 1-2
5. Salary: not currently available- will be discussed at interview
6. Who may be considered: Nurses with a minimum of a Masters degree in nursing, clinical expertise in general pediatric nursing
7.  Job description:
   1.  Responsible for approximately 8-9 students in the clinical area (7 am to 3 pmWednesday)
   2. Able to coordinate and make appropriate assignments for students that correlate with the course objectives
   3. CPR certified
   4. Familiarity with electronic health records (will be oriented by the hospital and FSC).
   5. Good communication skills
   6. Read student nursing assessments
   8. Deadline for application: prior to spring 2018 academic semester
   9. How to apply: contact Dr. Fran Cherkis, Assistant Chair, Nursing Dept at 631- 420-2390
  10: Contact person: You can also contact Joanne Lapidus-Graham at

Joanne Lapidus-Graham Ed.D, RN, CPNP, CNE
Department of Nursing
Gleeson Hall Room 208
Phone: 631-420-2390