APRN Legislative Review-Greater Texas NAPNAP


Health policy related to APRN practice has been evolving rapidly, both locally and nationally. Legislative and regulatory advances are being made, but they are at risk, and we still have a long way to go.

Within Texas, the main APRN legislative advocacy group is the APRN Alliance, which is made up of 4 APRN groups: Texas Nurse Practitioners, Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Consortium of Texas Certified Nurse-Midwives, and Texas Clinical Nurse Specialists; with the support of the Texas Nurses Association. 

Over one third of the United States currently have full practice authority, and Texas is among only 12 states that still has restricted practice.  We have a long way to go to catch up to the rest of the country!

Nationally, there are many legislative and regulatory issues that affect NPs.   National NAPNAP has been very active in Health Policy, providing PNPs many resources to keep up to date:


Greater Texas Chapter members have several additional sources to keep up with legislative issues:


Letter Writing Campaign, Full Practice


Last week, Rep. Stephanie Klick filed full practice authority bill, H.B. 1792, which would remove costly, antiquated regulatory barriers to nurse practitioners and help expand access to care for Texans. Since the bill was introduced, members of the Texas Medical Association and other physician groups have been inundating legislative offices with calls, personalized emails, and in-person visits.


We cannot let their message of fear and the status quo win out. We need every member of the Texas legislature to hear from you, and to know they have your support.


Show your support for H.B. 1792. Write your legislators here.


On our Grassroots Action Center, we’ve provided guidelines on how to write letters to your legislators (see also “Key Messages" here). A personal appeal is 100 times more effective and persuasive than a template form letter. That’s why this year we are asking you to take the extra step of adding a personal touch.


The voice of nursing, when mobilized, is unstoppable, as we saw just two weeks ago when the APRN Alliance managed to get TMB to postpone their harmful radiology rule. Now's the time to stand up for full practice. Don’t let physicians speak for your profession or your patients.


Please take 15 minutes to send a message to your legislators today.



We need all NPs united in support of our legislative efforts in order to achieve our goals. We need you