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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner E-Mail List

The Pediatric Nurse Practioner E-Mail list is for the benefit of PNP's in the Hampton Roads Community. It is an easy way to relay information and opportunities to fellow PNP's. Clinical and professional issues can be posted for feedback or comments. This is a public list and privacy is absolutely impossible. Patient identifying information should not be posted.

What is an e-mail list?

An e-mail list is an easy way to keep a group of people with a related interest in touch with each other through the use of electronic mail. When you subscribe to an e-mail list, you place your e-mail address into a central list. Anyone can then send an e-mail message to the address of the list and everyone subscribed to the list will receive the message. One e-mail address reaches everyone subscribed to the list. You no longer have to maintain an individual address for every person with your interests. This also allows you to learn about and contact people that you didn't know had the same interests as you. People will sign up for a list that you may never have otherwise met.

How does the list work?

By subscribing to the e-mail list on the following page, a single e-mail can be sent by a member of the list to all the other members with a single e-mail address.  As members join and leave, the list is updated automatically.

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