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    I agree with the B6 as it has been shown to be helpful. As an epilepsy provider, this is a common drug initiation or escalation side effect that can resolve in many, but not all children. One strategy is to talk with the prescriber about decreasing the dose for a week or two and going up on it more ...

  • Hi Kim, I am interested in getting more training in Autism assessment and diagnosis.  We have to refer to specialists for the Autism Diagnosis. I've noticed that my patients see a FNP at the Neurology practice who administers the testing!  The Neurology practice is too expensive for underserved uninsured ...

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    RE: Keppra Anger

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    Hi- I'm wondering if this child was started on pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6), which can really help with Keppra neuroirritability.  A decent starting dose in a child this young might just be 25mg daily up to 25mg bid. Some neuro teams may push the dose higher depending on how well he tolerates it. Hope this ...

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