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September 23, 2021


May 26, 2021

Dear Massachusetts NAPNAP Members,

 Thank you to all candidates for open Chapter Board positions and to all of you who casted your votes. It is with great pleasure to share with you the results of the 2021 Election Cycle:


  • Laura Santangelo White, Ph.D., CPNP-PC, PMHNP-BC was elected the President-Elect (100% of the vote, 1 candidate)


  • Elise Buckley, DNP, RN, CPNP-AC/PC was elected the Secretary (55% of the vote out of 2 candidates)


  • Rita Drummond Olans, DNP, RN, CPNP-PC, APRN-BC, FNAP was elected the Scholarship, Research, and Mentorship (SRM) Committee Chair (100% of the vote, 1 candidate)


Congratulations to all and we look forward to working with all of you in your first or new Chapter Board position!



Marketa Rejtar, DNP CPNP-AC/PC

On behalf of MassNAPNAP



MA NAPNAP Statement on Recent Insurrection on the US Capitol

Mass NAPNAP expresses our deep concern for the health and well-being of children as our country responds to the recent insurrection on the US Capitol. As an association, we condemn all violence and the attempts to interrupt a peaceful transition of presidential power. As pediatric-focused advanced practice providers, we are conscious of the momentous influence these events have on the children of our nation. These acts of violence, discrimination and racism further exacerbate known health inequities that we are working so hard to minimize.

We are committed in supporting our democracy and the democratic process to ensure that it is equitable and accessible for everyone, specifically our nation’s children.

We recognize the hurt and fear felt by many and we share that pain as our nation works toward a peaceful path forward. Know that, as a chapter, we will continue our mission to promote safety and equity in child health as advocates for children and families,

~Mass NAPNAP Board

Statement per National:
"NAPNAP condemns the unlawful acts of violence at the U.S. Capitol. For the health and well-being of children and their families, we urge national leaders to positively and peacefully work together to transition our country’s leadership in the coming weeks. As families cope during times of uncertainty, NAPNAP offers resources and encourages families to seek the mental and physical health care they need from pediatric-focused NPs and other pediatric providers."



June 2, 2020

MassNAPNAP Board Statement on Discrimination

Dear MassNAPNAP Members,

NAPNAP’s mission is to empower pediatric-focused advanced practice registered nurses, and key partners, to optimize child and family health. As an organization, we mourn the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery,  and stand with all those who have fallen victim to racial violence and discrimination.  Racism is a public health crisis in the United States and this has had a profound impact on our patients, families, and professional members.  We are committed to providing high quality, and informed healthcare to our patients, while also offering support and resources to families to address racial inequities.  In addition, we will prioritize education of members on racial bias in healthcare and social justice.  We cannot remain silent as our profession cares for all children and families, regardless of gender, race, religion or other status.  We are committed to anti-racism and strive to be a part of the solution.   

Be well,
MassNAPNAP Board

To see the Official Statement by the National Office of NAPNAP, click here.   



Wednesday March 18, 2020

Dear Mass NAPNAP Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

We are a great community of nurse practitioners! The demand to step up to the plate has never been more challenging in our life as health care providers.  Massachusetts NAPNAP members are at the forefront of the public health crisis brought on by COVID19.  “Nurses are reliable and proven responders during infectious disease emergencies, providing safe, quality, compassionate and nondiscriminatory care to their patients and the communities in which they serve” (ANA, 2020). We are all those nurses.

There has been no better time for nurse practitioners to demonstrate their skills and ability to respond and deliver high-quality healthcare than during a public health crisis.  Staying informed by the CDC, WHO, and DPH is an expectation of our patients and our profession.  Being informed will keep you safe as a provider and as a spokesman within your community.  Use your voice to advocate for yourself, your family, your patients, and your community.

Anticipatory guidance regarding COVID 19 is everywhere on the internet, good hand hygiene, not touching one’s face, but what you will not see but is equally crucial is to rest, eat well-balanced meals, and engage in exercise.  As frontline providers please be sure you are getting adequate rest, staying well hydrated, eating balanced meals, exercising, spending time with loved ones, laughing, and making self-care a priority. 

We expect that in the upcoming weeks and most likely months, there will be an enormous strain on the health care system.  The anxieties of society will be accentuated.  Families will be stressed not only about health worries but also financial strains.  When runners prepare for a marathon, they take very good care of themselves in order to prepare for and finish the race.  This is going to be a marathon for all of us. Pay attention to yourself, be kind to yourself, and allow compassion to continue to be present in your practice of healing.  

Be well,

Massachusetts NAPNAP Board of Directors