Preceptor Needs

Calling All Preceptors!

If you are interested in precepting a student, please email us your name and contact information. We get lots of requests for preceptors. Remember, preceptor hours can be used for a portion of your required annual CE credits.

Please help support the students listed here!
You may reach out to the student directly. 

Emily Puma
My name is Emily Puma. I'm a PNP student currently enrolled at Baylor, going into my second to last semester for PNP-PC, and I'm suddenly relocating to Charlotte, NC in September. I have five years of experience as a PICU RN. I have also been in a variety of healthcare roles for the past sixteen years, including longstanding participation in a nonprofit organization for children with specials needs, an educator in Karen State, Burma, and my work as a nursing aide. I am a quick, highly motivated learner and collaborate effectively with my preceptors in all aspects of care, being consistently rated independent and proficient overall in my practice. I am actively looking for a primary care pediatric setting for me to complete 150 hours between 9/5/23 through 12/15/23. I'm open to and allowed either a general pediatric clinic or a specialty setting. Thank you for your time and consideration! 

Fall 2023: 150 hours
Spring 2024: 225 hours 
Affiliation: Novant Health or private practice
Contact Information: Emily Puma 317-954-3737,

Karis Rogers
My name is Karis Rogers and I am a 2nd year, dual track pediatric primary/acute care DNP student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am also a new member of NAPNAP! I have been a pediatric nurse for 6 years spending the last 4 as an ER trauma nurse at LCH. I am eager to broaden my knowledge and continue learning the skills of becoming an advanced practice nurse. I am currently looking for preceptors for my first clinical rotation in a pediatric primary care setting starting in Summer 2024 for 120 hours.  Due to the educational affiliation agreements in the area, I am looking for a private practice preceptor only. Thank you for your time and don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions!
Summer 2024: 120 hours
Fall 2024: 180 hours 
Affiliation: Private practice
Contact: Karis Rogers 502-510-4151


Analeese Theys
My name is Analesse Theys and I currently live in Charlotte, NC. I work in the PICU at Levine Children's Hospital where I have worked for 3 years. I am currently enrolled at the University of South Alabama in the Pediatric Acute Care NP track with a projected graduation of Spring 2027. I would love to stay in an PICU setting at the completion of my program.

Spring 2025: 180 hours (looking for 60 hours in 3 different specialties)
Summer 2025: 180 hours (looking for 60 hours each rotation in an urgent care setting, primary care site and Hospitalist)
Fall 2025: 240 hours (looking for 80 hours for each rotation in acute care setting, PICU and ED)
Summer 2026: 180 hours in Acute care or ED
Fall 2026: 180 hours in Acute care or ED
Spring 2027: 180 hours in acute care or ED
Novant Health   
Contact Information: Analesse Theys (919) 915-1895.