Past Lectures



Kasey Rangan, NP

"Adolescent STI Update"
Dr Gale Burstein, MD, FAAP, MPH

"Contemporary Management of Pediatric Maxillofacial Trauma"
Dr Michael Markiewicz, DDS, MD, FAAP, MPH, FACS


"Nutrition Care of the Late Preterm
and Preterm Infants after discharge"
Christine French, MS, RD, LDN

“Pediatric Airway”
Dr. Michael Pizzuto

March 2022
Ages and Stages Virtual Conference

“Child Abuse”
Dr Iram Ashraf

“Pediatric Cancer Updates”
MaryCatherine (MC) Aungst, FNP-BC and Julie Comella- Higgins, PNP

“Asthma Guidelines Update”
Dr. Geovanny Perez
Asthma Updates

“Food Oral Immunotherapy For Severe Food Allergies”
Dr. Allison Freeman
Food Allergy Slides

"GE Reflux:Presentations, Complications, and Treatment"
Dr. Osama Almadhoun

GER Powerpoint Slides
Summary of Pediatric GER Practice Guidelines

"Pediatric and Adolescent: Obesity and Bariatrics"
Dr. Carroll Harmon
Obesity Powerpoint Slides

"Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship"
Dr MaryKate Mannix
Antibiotic PowerPoint Slides

"Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea"
Dr Amanda Hassinger
Sleep Apnea powerpoint slides


"The Health Effects of Vaping on Adolescents"
Jamie Wooldridge, MD
John Bennett, Anna Maria Masucci

1/23/2020: "Concussion"
John Leddy, MD, FACSM, FACP

11/6/19: “Recognizing the Clinical Consequences of Low ALP Diagnosing Hypophosphatasia (HPP)”
Bhaskar Gundabolu, MD

9/26/19: “Assessment and Management of Pediatric Suicide Risk in Primary Care”
David Kaye, MD., 
Beth Smith, MD, Sourav Sengupta MD, Colleen Mattimore, MD, Jessica Pirro, LMSW, 
Bob Cannata, CSW, 
Celia Spacone, Ph/.D.,  Dr. Gale Burstein, MD, MPH, FAAP

9/10/19 "Milk Protein Allergy/Sensitivity" Dr Humaira Hashmi, MD

5/9/19: “Lyme Disease: What Nurse Practitioners Need to Know” 

Dr Gale Burstein, MD, MPH, FAAP and Dr Oscar Gomez-Duarte, MD, PhD
ECHD Tick and Lyme Disease Information

3/30/19:  Ages and Stages Conference
“Scoliosis Update” Dr Jeremy Doak,MD
“Autism: Optimal Care”- Jana Mertz, MBA
“Dermatology Crash Course” - Lisa Marlin, FNP-C
“Mindfulness” -Mary Carol Dearing LCSW-R and Dave Bauer, MS
“Sepsis: What does it mean to outpatient providers” - Dr Amanda Hassinger, MD
“Internet Safety” - Michael McCartney, BS
1/7/19: “Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection: with a Focus on Prevention” - Karen Spriggs, RN
11/5/18:  “Management of Pediatric Thyroid Disease” - Dr. Lucy Mastrandrea, MD, PhD
9/20/18: “Burden of Disease: Understanding the Importance of RSV Immunoprophylaxis for Infants & Children
at High Risk for RSV Disease” - Dr. Lance Wyle, MD Neonatologist
5/7/18: “Hot Topics in Pediatric Cardiology” -  Dr. Aron K. McCloud, DO FAAP
3/8/18:  “Managing Mild to Moderate Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis: Pathogenesis and Therapies for Improved Outcomes”
- Megan Ott Lewis MSN, RN, CPNP-PC

1/23/18: “Recognizing and Diagnosing LAL-D: A Genetic, Progressive,
Multi-systemic, life-threatening disease” - Donna Bernstein, MS, CG
11/18/17: “PATCH: Providers and Teens Communicating for Health” - Elizabeth Terranova
9/28/17: “Inherited Metabolic Disorders through the Lifespan”
- Patricia M. Schwarzkopf MSN, CPNP, Erin Kettler and Jessica Briggs
5/10/17: “Head shape and growth… What’s normal, what’s not?” – Dr. Renee Reynolds, MD
4/1/17: Ages and Stages
“Discharge from NICU: What comes next?”
Maria Foss, NNP and Cara McLaughlin, MPH, RD, CLC 
Discharge from the NICU
“If you’ve seen one child with autism… controversies in the diagnosis of Autism 2017”
Dr. Martin Hoffman, MD
“An update on PCOS” – Dalinda Condino, MD
“Update on Food Allergy: is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?”
Dr. Heather Lehman, MD
Food Allergies

1/17/17:  “Anxiety and Depression for Primary Care Providers” – Dr. Sourav Sengupta, MD, MPH
11/3/16: “Sepsis and Septic Shock: An Update for the Primary Care Provider”
Dr. Amanda B. Hassinger, MD, MS
Sepsis Lecture
9/26/16:  “Neuroblastoma Overview and Unituxin (dinutuximab) Injection Treatment Option”
Joy Bartholomew RN, MSN, FNP-BC, CPON
6/7/16: “The Brain Disease Model of Adolescent Addiction:
Implications for Prevention and Treatment"
Dr. Gale R. Burstein, MD
5/3/16:  “GLYS: Trans Youth Speak Out” - Marvin L Henchbarger
3/31/16: “Trumenba: Because They Share” - Dr. Cynthia Mears
1/11/16: “Adolescent Hot Topics” - Dr. Dalinda Candino, MD
11/17/15:  “Diabetes in the Pediatric Population- Management and Future Research”
Dr. Lucy Mastrandrea, MD
9/28/15:  “The ABCs of Pediatric Pulmonology”
Dr. Danielle Goetz, MD and Jane O’Donnell, NP
5/13/15:  “Orthopedic Issues “– Dr. Michael Ferrick, MD
4/14/15: Ages and Stages
“Why Breastmilk?”- Suzanne Aquilina, DNP, PNP-BC, IBCLC
“Childhood Obesity: A growing problem” – Dr. Kathleen Mariano DNS, RN,CPNP
“ Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction: Diagnosing Early Signs and Symptoms” – Dr. Robert Wylie, DDS
“Autoimmune Neuromuscular Disorders in Children” – Dr. Nicholas J. Silvesteri, MD

1/15/15: “Cardiology” - Dr. Glenn Leonard, MD
12/4/14: “Dermatological Look-Alikes” – Lisa Marlin, RN, BS, MS, FNP-C
Dermatology Handouts
11/10/14: “Syndrome Recognition When Historians Are Unavailable”
Dr. Luther Robinson, MD
5/14/14: “Onfi and Seizures” – Amy Vierhile, PNP
3/26/14: “Fracking and Its Health Effects" - Sarah Buckley, RN
1/30/14: “Protein choices and risk of allergy in early infant feeding” – Dr.Cary Qualia, MD
11/2/13 “The Future of Pediatric Imaging” – Dr. Johan G Blickman, MD,PHD, FACR, FAAP
"Outpatient Pediatric Imaging" Vaseem Iqbal, MD
"Safety issues and Choosing the Right Study" Hari Gopal, MD
9/25/13: “Immunoglobulin Therapy” – Mary Elizabeth Mechling Younger, PNP
5/14/13: “Pharmacotherapy of Pediatric GERD” Stacie Lampkin, PharmD
3/29/13: "Current Consideration in the Management of Patients with Sickle Cell Disease"
Patricia Adams Graves, MD
3/9/13: Ages and Stages
Jennifer McVighe
Pierre Williot, MD
1/30/13: “Pediatric Trauma Updates” Kathryn Bass, MD
11/14/12: “The Treatment of Von Willebrand’s Disease” Nathan Kobrinsky, MD
9/19/12: “Atypical Hemolytic syndrome”
5/16/12: “HIV Update” Mary Goodspeed, RN
3/21/12: “Common Pediatric GI Disorders” Razan Alkhouri, MD
1/17/12: “Adolescent Sexual Health” Gale Burstein, MD
11/30/11: “Common Pediatric & Adolescent sport related injuries” Peter Gambacorta, MD
9/27/11:  “Pediatric Urology: When to Refer” Pierre Williot, MD
5/24/11: “RSV Clinical Data and Real World Experience” Robert WElliver, MD
4/2/11: Ages and Stages:
“ Rapid Psychiatric Consultations: Bridging the Gap with Primary Care” – Jennifer Haak, MD
“ Forensic Interviewing of Children” – Joseph Ahmed, Task Force Officer
“Not Everything is ADHD or Autism” – Deborah Jacobi-Rodriguez, PNP
“Feeding Disorders” – Deborah Hutton, MA, CCC/SLP

1/31/11: “Updates in Pediatric Critical Care” – Dr. Omar Al-Ibrahim, MD
11/1/10: “Asthma: Evaluation of Impairment of Management” – Dr James Cumella, MD
9/21/10: “Staph Aureus- Infectious Disease Specialist Perspective”
5/3/10: “ Spectrum of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” – Dr. Luther Robinson, MD
3/11/10:  “Concussions” – Dr. Thomas Langan, MD
1/26/10: “Tonsils and Adenoids in Children” Dr Vincent Callanan, MD
11/17/09: “Vesicoureteral Reflux: A State of Confusion” 
Dr Saul Greenfield, MD
10/10/09: Pamper the PNP Day
“Human Genome” by Pam Reister, PNP and 
"Therapeutic Touch" by Kathryn Frankiewich, PNP, HTP
5/26/09: “Milk and Food Protein Allergies in Children”
3/7/09: Ages and Stages
2/3/09: “Hearing Loss”
11/22/05: “Perinatal Ethical Dilemmas” – Sue Pfalzer, NNP
9/22/05: “Are you ready for the flu? Find out what’s new”- Dr Judelsohn
3/5/05:  Ages and Stages Conference:
“Growing Healthy Babies” – Susan Gugliuzza, RNC
“Children with Motor Concerns” – Melissa Azaula, MD, Mary Evans, PT, Debbie Jacobi, PNP, Coleen Kruzicki, OT
“Internet Predators” – Scott Forrest
“Street/OTC/Prescription Drugs- an update” – Steve Dawson, Glenn Zawierucha
“Eating Disorders” – Dalinda Condino, MD
“Who’s In, Who’s Out: Cultural Issues Facing Youth Today” – Fatima Johnson

1/20/05: “Vaccines- Now and in the Future: An Immunization Update”
Dr. Joseph B Domacheoske
11/15/04: “Pediatric Bariatric Surgery” – Dr. Guy Brisseau
5/18/04: “Asthma Management” – Anthony Rooklin, MD
5/4/05:15th Anniversary Celebration
3/02/04: “Current Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD” – Donna Palumbo, PhD
1/13/04: “Diabetes Type I and II” – Dr Theresa Quattrain, MD
11/19/03: “RSV Bronchiolitis & Indications for Synagis” – Dr. Robert Welliver, MD
9/24/03: “Traditional Chinese Medicine”- Suzanne Aquilina, PNP
3/29/03: Ages and Stages Conference
“21 Ways to Prevent Violence in Children” - Mary Muscari
11/19/02: “Intro to Art Therapy with Children” – Lucy Andres
9/18/02: “The Nuts and Bolts of Asthma”- Dr Ramesh
5/22/02: “Early Diagnosis of Autism”- Mary Schuetz
3/13/02: “Depression in Children” – Ted Andrews and Sebastian Fazanello
1/30/02: “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – Josette Teuscher
11/7/01: “Mangagement of Obesity” – Mary Jo Parker, RD
9/17/01: “Update on RSV and Synagis”
5/3/01: “Asthma Management” – Adele Large, RN, MSN
3/31/01: Ages and Stages Conference
1/16/01: “Lab Values” – Dr Joe Whiteman
11/13/00: "Immune Deficiency” – Dr. Sujatha Ramesh
9/14/00: Pediatric Bowel Management
5/17/00: “Multicultural Nursing” – Lucinda Kahler, MS, RN
3/15/00: “Central Auditory Disorder” –Dr Brian Same
1/27/00: “Malpractice Issues” – Julie Bargnesi, Esq