I am Dawn Marie Mason, a board-certified nurse practitioner dedicated to supporting and enhancing the developmental of children and adolescents. I have a passion for working with children and adolescents with mental healthcare needs and I am uniquely qualified to manage both primary and mental health needs of children and adolescents. I enjoy working closely with families to develop the most appropriate treatment plan that fits their needs. My education, teaching and clinical experience affords me the ability to be more thorough, detailed-oriented and holistically focused. I strive to improve health literacy among my families and hope to keep my patients informed of all options about their care. I have experience in child advocacy and have provided witness testimony in child maltreatment cases. My experience also includes precepting and volunteering with the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board to continue to strengthen the field of pediatric nursing. My ultimate career goal is to provide evidence-based, efficient, and convenient primary and mental healthcare to children and adolescents in the same practice setting. In my free time I enjoy traveling and home improvement projects.