Free CEs

GNY Chapter Online Continuing Education Available for free CE credits:

The following Learning modules are available for free CE credits:
One CE Credit is awarded for each module completion. Each module can be completed in one hour. Each subsection of the module is about 10-minutes in length, interactive, and you can complete the entire modules in one sitting or return to it. There is a Pre-test and Post-test (must reach 80% to receive the CE credit but you have as many times as you would like to achieve the 80%) and a final evaluation form to receive the CE credit.

The Link to directly open the learning modules is:


These modules are also available on the NAPNAP website under Free CE offerings.

  1. Teaching, Learning and NP Practice
  2. Quality Improvement
  3. Population Health
  4. Social Determinants of Health
  5. Oral Health
  6. Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
  7. Health Policy
  8. Orientation to Telemedicine
  9. Telehealth Interprofessional Practice


The link to open the entire website is: