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    Is there a political action group in NAPNAP? In these times we need to be proactive. We could be so much more effective as a group and as individuals lobbying our congress women and men about our concerns -about the AHCA -what a lack of maternity care would mean to our population -what caps on insurance ...

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    We get an x-ray after removal, but not necessarily when transitioning from suction to water seal. That decision is made by clinical signs/symptoms and drainage amounts. Good question to study & hopefully optimize practice. ------------------------------ Lori Williams DNP, RN, RNC-NIC, CCRN, NNP-BC Clinical ...

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    We did a research project back in 2008 (published in JPHC in 2012) on this exact topic (routine CXR after CT removal in cardiac surg patients). We changed our practice here back then and do not routinely get post chest removal films unless the patient has s&s of pneumothorax. We did follow our ...


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