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    The Journey

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    On July 1, I began my journey as the 42nd president of NAPNAP. I often start a journey by thinking about the steps that led me to the start. This gives me perspective and helps me keep my priorities straight. I find it's easy to lose sight of that which is important when I'm in the midst of a challenge. ...

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    Good morning! I am currently a PNP student enrolled at The University of Texas at El Paso with a focus in Acute Care. I currently have a preceptor for my primary care rotations but I am looking for someone who would love to teach me in the acute care setting! I am hoping to one day work in Pediatric ...

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    ​Our Immunization SIG group was contacted by: AII Adolescent Immunization Initiative. This coalition has individuals from several agencies and organizations from across the country.  ​They have created some great handouts and talking points regarding adolescent vaccines. I attached the 3 documents. ...

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