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  1. Mary Berg
    Mary Berg

    The University of Iowa
    Iowa City, IA
    United States

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  2. SG Hallowell
    SG Hallowell

    Philadelphia, PA
    United States

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    Cathy Woodward

    San Antonio, TX
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  • Mary Berg

    RE: Pediatric health assessment skills lab

    Posted in: AFPNP

    Karen, At the University of Iowa, for the past two years we have recorded all the content and have the students view them before coming to each advanced assessment class which we have changed to 4 hours every other week instead of 2 hours a week....

  • Mary Berg

    Bullying resource

    Posted in: AFPNP

    Incivility and bullying in the health care setting results in inability to retain human capital and impaired patient/family/population health outcomes. Affected health care providers may experience high levels of stress and anxiety and leave the workforce...

  • Mary Berg

    Pediatric health assessment skills lab

    Posted in: AFPNP

    We are planning to make a change in our pediatric health assessment skills lab this fall at UCSF and move it from a weekly class session to a concentrated skills lab training prior to the beginning of the fall course series. We have a shortage of...

  • Mary Berg


    Posted in: AFPNP

    Hi and welcome to the e-community page for Association of Faculties of Nurse Practitioners (AFPNP). Please feel free to post and discuss issues related to PNP education on this site. Mary Berg, AFPNP President

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Ann Linguiti Pron

SB 1063 will enable Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners in PA and eliminate the need for...

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