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    From Mary Jane: Mary Ryngaert and I participated in a meeting with Sara Viall--- our liaison for the Public Policy committee and Tina Rickenbach --- we discussed the scope of practice that was written a couple of years ago and the minimal comments received on it and the desire to be certain...

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    Crystal My recommendation is to make a spreadsheet. In the first column write the key elements of the job description. then in the second column write the key elements that apply from the Population-Focused Nurse Practitioner Competencies page 60 for the primary care PNP, then in the next column...

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    Hi Lori, see my other post. The reality is that most smaller hospitals can't afford a NNP and other hospitals may have other good reasons for using other NP types. If I wasn't attending a delivery, it would be a family practice MD whose knowledge of newborns is variable. Our medical director has noted...

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