Welcome to the Asthma and Allergy SIG Website!

The NAPNAP Asthma and Allergy SIG introduces the Asthma Toolkit for primary care providers. This toolkit is full of resources for use in diagnosing, treating and managing pediatric asthma with information for healthcare providers & families. This kit includes downloadable and printable information about asthma physiology, asthma triggers, asthma medications, instructional videos and MORE!.  Just click on the Toolkit to take advantage of this wonderful resource.


The NAPNAP Asthma and Allergy Special Interest Group is dedicated to providing evidence-based education and resources for healthcare providers and families of children and adolescents living with asthma and allergies. Members of our group advocate to improve the health outcomes of children and adolescents and improve the quality of care provided to those most burdened by asthma and allergies. We provide a forum for discussion among our peers and encourage participation in asthma and allergy research. Our goal is to advance the role of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Advance Practice Nurses as leaders of the asthma and allergy health care team.