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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/Forensic Nurse Examiner- Full Time   Link to Position on Nemours Website

The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) is responsible for providing and coordinating direct and indirect primary pediatric care to patients and their families in the outpatient, ambulatory care setting, using a case management approach, and utilizing appropriate services and support.

This position is full time consisting of two primary areas of clinical practice; Primary Care Pediatrics and evaluation of children with suspected abuse in collaboration with the Child Advocacy Center pediatricians. Candidates who have a clinical interest in the care and management of children with suspicion of abuse and who are interested in this area of specialization are encouraged to apply.

The Forensic Nurse Examiner - APRN is responsible for providing comprehensive care for patients who may have experienced sexual or physical assault. This includes assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation and evaluation.. This position will float throughout Kent County and will cover multiple DE primary care offices, primarily Dover, Milford, Millsboro and Seaford. This is a grant funded position through June of 2020, with hopes to expand the role past that date.

PICU APRN:  Apply via

Job Description: 

This individual will work collaboratively with physicians, nurse practitioners, consultants, nurses and other health care providers, dedicating his/her specialized work to patients in the PICU. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children is a 24 bed unit in a Level 1 Trauma Center. Patients requiring care and surveillance in the PICU will have conditions and diagnoses which may include, but are not limited to, those producing: acute and reversible loss of consciousness, respiratory failure, compromised air exchange, cardiovascular dysfunction, hepatic failure, hemodynamic instability, renal dysfunction, CNS injury or dysfunction, acute trauma and organ failure requiring transplantation.

Treatments or interventions performed in the PICU include measures utilizing advance life support technology including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, tracheal intubation, ECMO, mechanical ventilation, pharmacologic support of circulation, point of care monitoring, CRRT, thoracentesis as well as hemodynamic monitoring, ICP monitoring and intravascular monitoring. Equipment used includes, but is not limited to, radiant warmer beds, heating/cooling blanket systems, Mapleson manual ventilation, end tidal CO2 monitors, ventilators, hemodynamic monitoring systems, ICP monitoring systems, ventriculostomy systems, infusion pumps, blood warmer, continuous renal replacement systems and peripheral nerve stimulators. Clinical competency skills include lumbar puncture, central line placement, arterial line placement, intubation and chest tube placement.

Plastic Surgery ARPN
The Plastic Surgery team at Nemours / A. I. duPont Hospital for Children  is looking for a motivated individual to work closely in a multi-disciplinary team to act both collaboratively and autonomously in order to assess, diagnose, order, interpret clinical conditions across the continuum of pediatric plastic surgery.  
Graduated leadership, research and quality improvement initiatives will be included in the expectations of clinical excellence.

Coordinate the cleft palate / craniofacial program facilitating the provision of multidisciplinary care among providers from numerous clinical institutions. Keep multiple data-bases up to date and communicate plans of care to families and multi-disciplinary team members as appropriate.