Legislative Updates

  1. In an effort to advocate for provider neutral language, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (pcnp@pacnp.org) requests that NPs email them copies of  ALL forms you sign in your practice which do not have provider neutral language (i.e. physician is stated where we are signing).
  2. On April 26, 2017, Senate Bill 25 an act amending The Professional Nursing Law to allow Full Practice Authority for Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners in Pennsylvania passed the Senate! This Bill was championed by Senator Camera Bartolotta.  Consider sending Senator Bartolotta a Thank You note for her unwavering support. 
  • The new name of the bill is House Bill 100, which is being championed by Representative Jesse Topper. We gained significant ground during the spring session in Harrisburg: as of today, HB100 has 43 cosponsors!  Consider sending Rep. Topper a note to say Thanks!
  • We anticipate that the bill will likely move during the Fall Session which began in September, 2017. We need to build momentum! The bill is currently pending in the Professional Licensure Committee. Lawmakers are currently focused on the state budget, but we want to make sure health care remains on their radar so...

 The most important thing to do right now is to contact your House Representative and ask them to support House Bill 100!

We encourage you to do 2 things:

  1. Contact Your Representative and encourage them to support HB100 and encourage the Speaker of the House to bring the bill up for a vote:
  2. Visit https://www.votervoice.net/PACNP/campaigns/52155/respond
  3. Type in your address (work or home – you can do both!).
  4. Send an email or make a call! Letters take a long time to be processed, so electronic mail is best.
  5. Send a Thank You note to the 43 cosponsors, Senator Bartolotta and Representative Topper. Need some help? A letter has been composed for you at this link: https://www.votervoice.net/PACNP/campaigns/52155/respond.  Consider adding a patient/personal story of how passage of HB100 would impact your patients or practice.

Want to become more involved or have questions?

Your NAPNAP Legislative Team includes: Co-chairs Kristen Altdoerffer and Sunny Hallowell, Ann Pron, Virginia Guzikowski, and Denise Ellison.
Consider joining the NAPNAP team! You can email hallowellnp@gmail.com or kaltdoerffer@gmail.com with any questions or to join! 

posted 10/2017