UCSF Benioff 48th Annual Monterey Conference 2018

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital's 48th Annual Monterey Conference - November 2-4, 2018

Conference title is: Cutting Edge of 21st Century Pediatrics, a general education conference that has many applicable topics to our DBMH colleagues - relevant topics are highlighted below:
  • Caring for Gender Nonconforming Children & Youth (Ilana Sherer, MD)
  • The Elephant in the Exam Room: Addressing Parent and Child Mobile Device Use (Danielle Erkoboni, MD)
  • What Siri Can’t Tell You about Families, Children and Social Media (Danielle Erkoboni, MD)
  • Beyond the Binary: Millennials, Gender, and Sexuality (Ilana Sherer, MD)
  • At the Cutting Edge of Autism Diagnosis with a Blunt Instrument: Autism and DSM-5 (Bryan King, MD)
  • 21st Century Autism Challenges: Juggling the Assessment and Treatment of Co-occurring Conditions (Bryan King, MD)
  • Drugs & Genetics: Why Some People Respond to Psychotropic Drugs Differently (Bryce Mendelsohn, MD)
See registration information at the above link.