January 2019 SIG Meeting

DBMH SIG Meeting - Monday, Jan 28, 6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST
Dawn Mason
Makenzie Wesner
Kim Erlich
Robin Allman
Stephanie Hosley
Pam Lusk
Stacia Hays
Nan Gaylord
Susan Van Cleve


Annual Conference

A. Request for attendance at sessions to support fellow SIG members who are speaking/presenting posters: Concurrent Sessions, DBMH Speed Session Track,

Posters on the Move


 B. SIG Showcase

 1. Request for a member(s) to help Dawn represent our SIG as a co-host on Friday evening at the SIG showcase (Fri, 3/8/19 6-7:30 p.m.). We will plan to have DBMH materials and a new banner showcasing our SIG logo. 

  2. Kim requests copies of any publications by members within the last 9 months (since the last annual conference) to put up at the showcase.


 C. SIG Meeting Agenda

        1. SIG board is soliciting items for the SIG meeting agenda from members. Two members have requested time to speak about their recent publication on the results of the PMHS Task Force Analysis (Susan van Cleve and Elizabeth Hawkins-Walsh). Susan requests that we invite Adele Foerster and Peg Harrison from PNCB to the meeting to hear Susan and Elizabeth's facilitated discussion and also hear SIG members' feedback on re-working the PMHS certification pathway requirements. Kim agrees to send invites to Adele and Peg.


  2. Collaborative effort report-out

a. NAPNAP/SDBP Symposium: happening again this year on Sept 13-16 in Washington DC. Planning committee already working on this year's topics and presentations/

   b. Milestones Collaboration Project: Goal: Milestones Autism Resources would like to collaborate with NAPNAP and SDBP to teach more about medical assessment/management of ASD to those interested (nursing grad students, residents, pediatric providers) at their annual conference in Cleveland, Ohio in June 2019. This year's keynote speaker (same as SDBP's) is Michelle Garcia Winner of social thinking theory!  If anyone in Ohio would like to get involved they can contact Leslie Rotsky by searching their email for her name. Interested members may also contact SIG Chair Makenzie Wesner, as she is heading up NAPNAP's participation in this collaboration. (Milestones Autism Resources at http://milestones.org/


    D. SIG Social (Stephanie Hosley heading up social planning committee)

 1. Stephanie would like a co-planner or two to help coordinate the restaurant, transportation (will need to use ride sharing services), etc.

 2. Discussed Stephanie's progress with restaurant selection - Kingfish is reserved with a side room, K-Paul's still a potential after beginning of Feb when their calendar for March opens. Stephanie will get more info then. No one on call has input as to which restaurant is more favorable.