June 2018 SIG Meeting

June 2018 Quarterly DBMH SIG Meeting Minutes
6/19/18 at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST
17 members present (Kim Erlich, Makenzie Wesner, Dawn Mason, Mimi McCulley, Marion Donohoe, Jessica Ditto, Rhonda Heschel, Pam Lusk, Anne DeBattista, Michelle Spehr, Christina NoLastName, Brenda Cassidy and ???)

I. Introduction of new SIG board  
   A. Kim Erlich, Chair (Kim was Co-Chair with Linda Frye last year)
   B. Makenzie Wesner, Co-Chair (Makenzie was Secretary last year)
   C. Dawn Mason, Secretary (Dawn is a long-time SIG member...welcome to the board!)
(Reminder about quarterly meeting schedule: January (Zoom), March (in-person at NAPNAP annual conference), June, and October).

II. Summary of annual meeting
   A. SIG Awards: there had been a member suggestion to revise our existing SIG awards (Advocacy Award, SIG Contribution Award) to make them more broad, though feedback was
       overwhelmingly that we would instead Update description of current awards to aid in potential applicant's understanding of the range of activities that would be acceptable to
       submit in order to achieve award; new SIG Board is working on updating the award descriptions and new descriptions will be available here on the SIG site ahead of the award
       application deadlines.
   B. SIG Partnership Opportunities: NAPNAP strongly encouraging partnerships between SIGs as both a way to meet SIG goals collaboratively and a path to additional
        accomplishments. Specific SIG partnerships we discussed were: 1) DBMH + Newborn SIG re: perinatal mood disorders; 2) DBMH + Adolescent Health SIG re: SBIRT training for
        NOLA (similar to what was presented by member Anne Derouin in Chicago, but more extensive); 3) DBMH + Child Maltreatment & Neglect SIG re: "No Hit Zone" campaign and/or
        preschool consultation; 4) DBMH + Children & Youth With Special Healthcare Needs SIG re: topic TBD. SIG members interested in participating in these partnerships should
        contact DBMH SIG Chairs to help in connecting with those working on these collaborations. A list of those interested in these partnerships can be found on this SIG site under SIG
        Volunteer List-->SIG partnerships.

III. Survey group for new goals
     (meeting attendees had no feedback)

IV. Advocacy opportunity: Family separation at borders. 
     A. NAPNAP's official Statement Opposing the Border Separation of Children and Parents
     B. Marion Donohoe (SIG member) discussed Family Resiliency Model of trauma-informed care and plans for submitting a training module extended session to be presented in
         NOLA. Several meeting attendees provided feedback that they are using/have used this model as well.
     C. Our own SIG's new resources can be found at: SIG site-->Resources-->Advocacy-->Family Separation at Borders and also on dbmhresource.com's General Resources page at
          the top left.

V. Upcoming action items
    A. Members: please let SIG board members know if you have submitted/will be submitting concurrent sessions, speed sessions, extended sessions, and/or posters for the NOLA
        conference; of particular interest are collaborative efforts listed above under SIG Partnership Opportunities.
    B. Members: please send relevant events and CE notifications to SIG board members so we can post them on this site for all to take advantage of.

VI. Other
    A. Jessica Ditto (SIG member): interested in developing a DB Peds NP Fellowship Program. She is working with Kennedy Krieger Institute where she works, and Hopkins SON and
         they are in the very early stages. Jessica is researching NP Fellowship Programs, even if not DB Peds-focused; if you have done an NP Fellowship or have relevant knowledge or
         feedback, please contact Jessica to discuss. 
    B. Anne DeBattista and Kim Erlich brought up upcoming training opportunity: joint NAPNAP SDBP Symposium on 9/14/18: A multidisciplinary program will be presented jointly by
        NP, physician and psychologist colleagues using two case-based approaches: autism in a younger child and ADHD/Anxiety/LD in a teen. This 8.0 contact hour event is a pre-conference workshop at SDBP’s annual conference in Anaheim, CA, and more information will be available at napnap.org/symposia.

Next quarterly SIG meeting will take place in October, 2018.
  • Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST