13 Websites for the Child Health Advocate

www.apa.org/advocacy Advocacy page of the American Psychological Association website; includes information on APA advocacy initiatives and current legislation that affects practice
www.aucd.org Website for the Association of University Center on Disabilities, which includes information and advocacy guidance on issues related to disability
www.childrensdefense.org Website for the Children's Defence Fund, a nonprofit child advocacy organization that provides information and recommendations regarding legislation that affects children across all domains
www.childrenshospitals.org Website for the Children's Hospital Association, includes information regarding child advocacy with an emphasis on healthcare issues; CHA's "Speak Now for Kids" campaign provides advocacy tools and guidance for professionals and families
www.congress.gov Official website of the United States Congress (Senate and House) including links to contact your legislators, committee structure and membership, explanations of the legislative process, status of current legislation, etc.
www.copaa.org Website for the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, an organization whose mission is to protect the legal and civil rights of students with disabilities
www.countable.us Online resources for obtaining summaries of current legislation, an overview of public opinion regarding legislative issues, and links to directly contacting legislators through text or video messaging [app available]
www.govtrack.us Online resource for tracking legislation (including predictions regarding likelihood of passage), identifying your legislators, tracking legislators' voting records, and other advocacy-related information
www.icivics.org Interactive website offers free instructional tools, games and lesson plans designed to enhance civic instruction
www.kff.org Website for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, an independent foundation that engages in research and education regarding national health issues
www.5calls.org Provides a simplified framework for advocacy, encouraging individuals to make 5 calls to legislators regarding specific issues presented in a partisan manner
www.ncsl.org Website for the National Conference of State Legislatures; includes a searchable bill tracking database for all 50 states (located under the Research tab on the home page)
www.wrightslaw.com Detailed information and case law regarding special education, 504, education law and advocacy