October 2020 SIG Meeting

Developmental Behavioral and Mental Health SIG

Quarterly Meeting Date: 10/07/20

Location: Zoom

Start Time: 7:30 pm CST

Stop Time: 8:30 pm CST

Attendees: Dawn Mason, Makenzie Wesner, Joanne Howard, Daphna Shaw, Ganielle Hooper, Beth Alexander, Pam Lusk, Sheila Umayam, Kim Erlich, Anne DeBattista, Sally Cohen, Stephanie Hosley, Denise Post

I. Discussion of new NAPNAP logo and SIG specific logo. Kim will assist in updating the logo on the DBMH resource page. (We will find a different location for the building blocks logo). 
II. We have new officers: Joanne Howard (advocacy role- this is a new position), and Daphna Shaw (secretary).
III. Advocacy role: potential projects may include: autism advocacy, scope of practice (state limitations) and policy for autism diagnosis, mental health parity, advocating for educational rights under IDEA. Joanne will meet with Danielle Sarik from Nationals to get started on the autism advocacy efforts. 
IV. Awareness for the HB 890 bill for California: this will increase NP full practice authority with initial mandatory physician oversight period.
V. Sally discussed her research with bullying and health policy. She looks forward to helping our SIG with advocacy efforts. 
VI. Daphna would like to start new research qualitative study examining our current workforce- she and the SIG board will recruit a work group within the next 1-2 months. 
VII. Upcoming events: SDBP conference starts tomorrow with the 3rd annual joint SDBP/NAPNAP collaborative symposium. NAPNAP has the annual targeted topics symposium held on October 16th. Both events will be available for viewing after the live event. 


IX. NAPNAP has asked our SIG to do a Facebook Live event on cyberbullying on October 20. Sally may be interested, and our SIG chair and co-chair will assist with coordination of this. 
X. Our SIG will consider starting a quarterly newsletter. Kim recommends using meeting minutes as content for the newsletter.