June 2017 SIG Meeting

Meeting #1: June 21, 2017 at 1pm PT/4pm ET

  • Makenzie Wesner, host
  • Kim Erlich
  • Linda Frye
  • Susan Glodstein
  • Kathy Gaffney
  • Susan McColley
  • Marion Donohoe 
  • Sallie Porter
  • Abbey Alkon
  • Dianna Inman
  • Nan Gaylord
Chicago Project: Workgroup not able to participate in call today. In order to move forward with project, we are in need of assistance from NAPNAP and we are struggling to receive this help from our Chapter Services Manager due to poor communication. Linda, Kim and Makenzie are working with NAPNAP National to rectify this problem and will let the group know of any relevant updates. Spoke with Dianna Inman, a workgroup member later in our call-thank you for joining!

DBMHResource Site Tracker:
  • Screen share display, Makenzie sending link to view site tracker. The link should allow a view of the site tracker but viewers will not be able to edit.
  • Review of various categories and areas of completion: assessment, articles, resources. Red areas are "needing a lot of love".
  • Please contact Makenzie, Kim or Shawna Sisler if you would like to contribute to DBMHResource. Include area you would like to work on as well as any ideas. 
  • Some of you expressed interests in contributing to various areas of experience:
    • Marion Donohoe and Kathy Gaffney - ACES
    • Sallie Porter - genetics, trauma/stress related disorder, social determinants of health
    • Others?
DBMHResource Display:
  • Screen share display for callers, review of page layout, topics/categories.
  • Please share any ideas for improved organization, especially Resource page, which could benefit greatly from reorganization.
Meeting platform, procedures and feedback:
  • Meeting e-mail reminders helpful, DBMH SIG leaders plan to rotate meeting times to account for various time zones, will not be able to accommodate all schedules and appreciate flexibility of group members.
  • Note about recording of meetings-first meeting was not recorded due to technical issues, future meetings will be recorded.
  • Please send any feedback regarding the meeting, Zoom platform, etc. E-mail with questions or concerns.
Minutes prepared by: Makenzie Wesner, DBMH SIG Secretary